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BLOG: I am advocate for being natural in women's careers as well

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of the Jenewein Group, during his long professional career as a personal advisor on strategic issues and a recognized expert on HR policies and family business, wrote and spoke more than enough on the topic of women's careers on the occasion of International Women's Day. In the current input, published exactly on 8 March, he also writes about how he saw it in the past and what has (not) changed in his attitude and perception over almost 35 years.

Champions for 30 Million Reasons on #RareDiseaseDay


There are 30 million people living with a rare disease in Europe today. Their testimonials reveal the fight they still face for access to a diagnosis, health care, treatment, awareness and equality. Rare diseases are often life-changing, and many start in childhood. These conditions can mean everyday activities like exercising or travelling become impossible. On this Rare Disease Day, the health of people living with a rare disease – and the impact on their carers and families – is in the spotlight worldwide. They are one of 30 million reasons why Europe needs policymakers to develop a European Rare Disease Action Plan. Read more in the analysis written by FIPRA, which continues its efforts to champion this cause as part of the vibrant rare disease community that inspires us daily with their spirit and courage.

BLOG: When did the world meet the first Executive Search consultants

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of Jenewein Group, looked back far into history in a recent blog. His view goes back to the time of the second industrial revolution, when Executive Search was born. It is still one of the most effective tools for identifying and acquiring talent and leaders. Consulting companies providing this service in accordance with the highest international standards and ethical principles continue to partner with their clients to stand by them in solving their most pressing needs. This is the only way they can prepare for the future and new challenges.

Rethinking The Food System

Dávid Bielik, Account Executive, Fipra Slovakia

The food system has been successful in meeting its ambitions to provide safe, high quality and nutritious food. It nevertheless requires a major transformation to fully address the economic, social and environmental aspects need to achieve a sustainable and resilient future. So does the perception of how we produce, process, transport and consume our food. Read more about this topic in the article of Dávid Bielik, Account Manager at Fipra Slovakia, written for the Connection – the official magazine of AmCham Slovakia.

BLOG: Must a successful person be automatically happy?

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

In the first of this year's blogs, Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of Jenewein Group, addresses leadership in the context of success and happiness. In the documentary series about the life of Robbie Williams from Netflix, there was an interesting sentence, which the British pop star was told by those around him at the time of his declining mental condition. YOU CAN'T BE SAD WHEN YOU'RE SUCCESSFUL. This film story has thus amplified the importance of the topic of mental health. An issue that concerns not only people from show business, but also, for example, company owners or top managers, whom those around them automatically perceive as successful, and therefore satisfied and happy. But is this always the case?