• Leading position

    Jenewein Group companies provide complex services in three main consulting areas.

  • Client orientation

    Jenewein Group companies join their forces to achieve unique combinations for their clients.

  • Innovative thinking

    Jenewein Group and its companies do not know the limits and because of the network of top level professionals they are able to face any challenge given to them.

  • Global approach

    Jenewein Group brings together renowned brands that are part of leading global networks and international organizations.


Jenewein Group is a premier Strategic Management Consulting firm that assists organizations and individuals in defining and executing their strategic vision.

It is the integrative platform for operation of consulting companies with focus on Executive Search & Leadership Consulting (Amrop) and Public Affairs & Government Relations (Fipra).

We constantly improve our own professionality through Business Innovation Network that uses the synergy of top level professionals from various fields.

Jenewein Group

Jenewein Group

Jenewein Group – Strategic Management Consulting

Jenewein Group is a premier Strategic Management Consulting firm that assists organizations and individuals in defining and executing their strategic vision. It also represents an integrative platform for the operation of leading consulting firms focusing on Executive Search & Leadership Consulting (Amrop) and Public Affairs & Government Relations (Fipra), which are part of the two reputable global brands in the consulting industry.
The firm has been successfully operating in Slovakia since 1990 and gradually become a respected Central European leader delivering tailor-made solutions in various consulting areas, in both public and private sectors. The firm´s high reputation has been built through unique consulting services based on complex and high-quality methodologies, innovative approach, intimate knowledge of entrepreneurship culture and ethics, and professionalism.
Over the years, we have managed to develop a comprehensive set of capabilities that can be combined together in a seamless fashion to accomplish objectives of our clients. Jenewein Group approaches every client engagement with a specialized team of dedicated and experienced professionals with various backgrounds. Our consulting teams often consist of members of different influential expert and/or advisory committees as well as partners and founders of prestigious associations, chambers and Europe-wide operating think-tanks, who can draw on years of experience advising on key strategic issues.
In addition to our in-house resources, through an innovative platform Business Innovation Network we can quickly deploy professionals from other areas to meet any challenge. Thanks to the combination of best expertise available in the market we continually exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Amrop Slovakia

Amrop Slovakia – Leaders For What's Next

Amrop Slovakia is a consulting firm operating in Slovak and Central European markets. It is a leader in Executive Search & Leadership Consulting. The Slovak office of Amrop belongs to the global network of companies focusing on Context Driven Executive Search. With nearly 80 offices in over 50 countries, Amrop has a deep knowledge of global markets and can help find Leaders for What’s Next – adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.
Amrop respects the principles set out by The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) – most respected global association of consulting companies with focus on Retained Executive Search & Leadership Consulting. Amrop approaches consulting projects using its own model of Amrop 3D Practices based on combination of sector knowledge, functional expertise and ownership specificities of the client organization that enables our consultants effectively address even most difficult challenges and problems of Boards, C-suite managers and highly skilled experts.
Through human capital solutions focused on talents and leaders working across different countries and various sectors Amrop helps clients develop their business and achieve their strategic goals.

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Fipra Slovakia

Fipra Slovakia – Public Policy & Regulatory Advisers

Fipra Slovakia is part of Fipra – Finsbury International Policy & Regulatory Advisers which is Europe’s leading and most extensive public affairs consultancy network, advising clients on a range of government relations and regulatory policy issues. Since it was founded, Fipra has expanded across the globe and now operates in over 50 countries internationally. In Europe, we are the only consultancy with top level public affairs advisers not only in Brussels, but throughout the Member States of the European Union.
In addition, we have experienced public affairs advisers in a number of European Economic Area countries and EU candidate countries, as well as many of the EU’s neighboring countries. We are known both for the seniority and expertise of our staff and for getting results. The portfolio of services of the company includes the wide spectrum of activities – from helping the set-up of a government relations strategy from scratch, risk assessment and risk management projects, regulatory reviews, and advice on how to manage specific issues of importance to the firm through building coalitions.
Many of our staff and Special Advisers have personal experience of having served in national governments, parliaments and regulatory bodies, or have held senior positions in industry, trade associations, or consumer organisations. They are all experts in political and regulatory processes, not least because they have experienced them from many different perspectives at first hand.
In the Visegrad Group countries (PL – HU – CZ – SK) the Slovak team is actively engaged also within CEC Government Relations.

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EPPP – European Public Policy Partnership

The European Public Policy Partnership (EPPP), an advisory and analytical institute, was established as a non-governmental organization with offices in Bratislava and Brussels. Since its creation, EPPP has designed, developed and implemented activities and offered innovative solutions focused on Education, Research & Development, Entrepreneurship, Social Sciences. Based on professional principles, practical experience and our network of contacts both at home and abroad EPPP helps create and spread latest knowledge and best practices.
EPPP supports organizations from both private and public sectors in the formation and fulfilment of strategic goals and specific projects. It creates the space for dialog and discussion among experts, academics, lawmakers, entrepreneurs and professionals. Representatives from EPPP are active in expert and working groups (mainly in the public administration) and advocate for specific changes leading to achievement of defined goals.
EPPP puts much emphasis on business dynamics and development of economic competitiveness in line with international standards and with the direct impact on the whole society. While operating within the Central European area, EPPP has accumulated valuable experience and skills. What is more, it has transferred the best practices in management of social changes and public policy into less developed economies and regions, which, however, possess a high potential for development.

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