• Leading position

    Jenewein Group companies provide complex services in three main consulting areas.

  • Client orientation

    Jenewein Group companies join their forces to achieve unique combinations for their clients.

  • Innovative thinking

    Jenewein Group and its companies do not know the limits and because of the network of top level professionals they are able to face any challenge given to them.

  • Global approach

    Jenewein Group brings together renowned brands that are part of leading global networks and international organizations.


Jenewein Group is a premier Strategic Management Consulting firm that assists organizations and individuals in defining and executing their strategic vision.

It is the integrative platform for operation of consulting companies with focus on Executive Search & Leadership Consulting (Amrop) and Public Affairs & Government Relations (Fipra).

We constantly improve our own professionality through Business Innovation Network that uses the synergy of top level professionals from various fields.


Jenewein Group has more than twenty-five years experience in implementation of consulting solutions. Companies Amrop Slovakia and Fipra Slovakia are a stable part of renowned global organizations, so they dispose of relevant sources; they use quality know-how and monitor the latest trends and innovations in their fields. To fulfill expectations of our clients we implemented effective governance model in order to improve own efficiency and effectiveness. We also respect the highest ethical standards and quality standards and we keep in mind that we are a part of society and have responsibility toward environment.

As part of our responsible business approach we share our knowledge and experience and publish articles and analysis on various topics that are of interest to a broader public. Openness, helpfulness and daily communication with media are also our values. Another platform for sharing and exchanging information and experience is our JeneweinQuarterly/NEWSletter – published quarterly and besides spreading knowledge it has the ambition to inspire others to take advantage of new opportunities and long-lasting success.

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