• Leading position

    Jenewein Group companies provide complex services in three main consulting areas.

  • Client orientation

    Jenewein Group companies join their forces to achieve unique combinations for their clients.

  • Innovative thinking

    Jenewein Group and its companies do not know the limits and because of the network of top level professionals they are able to face any challenge given to them.

  • Global approach

    Jenewein Group brings together renowned brands that are part of leading global networks and international organizations.


Jenewein Group is a premier Strategic Management Consulting firm that assists organizations and individuals in defining and executing their strategic vision.

It is the integrative platform for operation of consulting companies with focus on Executive Search & Leadership Consulting (Amrop) and Public Affairs & Government Relations (Fipra).

We constantly improve our own professionality through Business Innovation Network that uses the synergy of top level professionals from various fields.

  • Strategic Management Consulting

    We provide unique consulting solutions based on long-time experience and cutting-edge know how through innovative approach, thanks to which we are able to perceive common problems of private and public sectors from different perspective. We are a leader in providing customized consulting solutions in the areas Strategy Advisory, Management Consulting, EU Consulting & Investment Advisory.
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  • Executive Search & Leadership Consulting

    Through improving quality of human capital and efficiency of individual activities we help private as well as public sector to improve results and readiness for successful management of market opportunities and challenges. As part of the geographically largest group of companies in the world we provide the highest standard of services in the areas Executive Search, Strategic Talent Acquisition, Leadership Services & Board Consulting.
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  • Public Affairs & Government Relations

    Thanks to good reputation, experience and abilities to develop strategic relationships in public and private sectors we are able to defend and enforce interests of our clients on national as well as European level in Brussels. We are a part of leading European group of companies operating in the area Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs with special focus on Strategic Government Relations.

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Top News
Last update: 5.09.2018

How to save Family Businesses

The state has decided to help family businesses. It was pushed by the fact that most family businesses in Slovakia were founded after year of 1989 and generational exchanges are waiting for them in the present or in the years to come. Slovak laws are not ready for this situation. The package of measures adopted brings some of the necessary solutions, but others remain questionable. The topic of the number is also devoted to the weekly magazine Trend. For the preparation of the article, the editorial board has invited several experts, including Mario Fondati, Managing Client Partner at Amrop and a guarantor of co-operation with Family Businesses.


Top Events
Last update: 6.09.2018

Trend: Amrop is again a professional partner of the Family Business series

With the ambition to help Slovak Family Businesses and improve the space and conditions for their entrepreneurship and development, Amrop has long been supporting and developing the theme of Family Business. Many times, we have applied the long-term experience of our expert team as partners of various events, seminars and studies. We are almost a regular professional partner of the Family Business series of the weekly magazine Trend, where the editorial office is devoted to the stories of successful Slovak Family Businesses and related topical questions in 10 issues.


Sponsoring and Partnership