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Jenewein Group has connected its 30th anniversary celebrations with the brand Meky

It is not the first time that Jenewein Group has combined exceptional moments in its history with a personality of popular music. On our 11th anniversary, Marika Gombitová and Janko Lehotský pleased us with their performances at the gala evening marked by a symbolic two 1 digits. It was no different at the celebration of our 15th anniversary. We have been much honored at our quarter-century celebration with a private concert by Marika Gombitová and now, in the year of our 30th anniversary, we are honored too with connecting with the Czech-Slovak legend – Miroslav Žbirka, as we are a general partner of his new documentary MEKY (Miro Žbirka Zblízka). We are glad that the Czech-Slovak birthday of our consulting group has met with Meky's year loaded with as many of his projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as possible. In the year 2020 for his fans, he has prepared the documentary film, concert DVD, next episodes of the music television talk show Doupě, Cinema Acoustic Tour 2020, his Songbook, or a selection of his biggest hits Best Of 3CD. Together with Meky, with our partners and guests we will be experiencing the individual parts of his great Czech-Slovak program, which began on July 8, 2020, with the Karlovy Vary Film Festival (KVIFF 2020) and will last until the end of the year.

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MEKY – She´s Out Of Control
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Film Meky in the media >>>

...Jenewein Group at the pre-premiere of music documentary Meky
The music documentary Meky, of which Jenewein Group is the general partner, was originally to have its premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. However, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the festival was postponed to next year, so Miroslav Žbirka and his wife Kateřina decided to organize a pre-premiere screening directly in their garden. The private garden party took place on June 25, 2020, in Prague. Besides the Czech lion-awarded director of the film Meky Šimon Šafránek and the president of the Karlovy Vary festival Jiří Bartoška, Kryštof Mucha, the management of Bontonfilm, of Czech Television, and of the music label publisher Universal also attended the premiere. Among the invited, of course, was Martin Krekáč, the founding partner and chairman of Jenewein Group, with his family.

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The pre-premiere in the media >>>

...Czech premiere of the film MEKY as part of the parade Tady Vary
As the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival could not happen this year due to the extraordinary situation, the organizing team decided to pass on at least part of the festival to its audience. And so, a complex film block was created, which was screened in almost a hundred Czech cinemas in nearly 80 cities for nine days (July 3-11, 2020) as part of the Tady Vary parade. The audience had the opportunity to see not only great films but also to experience a bit of the traditional festival atmosphere. The exclusive selection of 16 movies also included the musical documentary MEKY – its Czech premiere took place on July 8, 2020, at the Světozor cinema in Prague, while, on the same day, the meeting with its creators was broadcasting to another 95 cinemas throughout the Czech Republic. We represented Jenewein Group by CZSK assembly, and with our guests, we enjoyed the first great successes – the record-breaking attendance (during opening five days in Czech cinemas, more than 10,000 people have seen the film Meky) and winning the Mall.TV Audience Award as the most popular film of the parade Tady Vary.

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CZ premiere in the media >>>

...Slovak premiere of the film MEKY in Bratislava's Stará tržnica
On the evening of Monday, July 13, 2020, the Slovak ceremonial premiere of the music documentary MEKY about the singer Miroslav Žbirka took place in Bratislava's Stará tržnica. As one of the film critics wrote on this occasion, "director Šimon Šafránek managed to put together a dynamic portrait of a man who significantly exceeded on the Czechoslovak music scene due to talent, his intelligence, but also family roots and admiration for British culture". Many faces from the music and show-business world did not miss the premiere of CZSK novelty in the presence of the main "actor" and the team of creators. Invited by Jenewein Group, several guests from the business world also attended the premiere. The wide distribution of the film MEKY in Slovak cinemas started on July 16.

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SK premiere in the media >>>

...Movie MEKY, 3CD and a Songbook
The music documentary MEKY, of which Jenewein Group is the general partner, after another summer screening in cinemas and amphitheatric areas, and very favorable responses from spectators and reviewers, had another ceremonial screening at the Lucerna cinema on September 3, 2020. This time in connection with the christening of the representative 3CD The Best of Miro Žbirka and Songbook, which are a continuation of the recapitulation of Miroslav Žbirka's more than forty years of successful acting on the Czech-Slovak music scene. The selection of greatest hits on three CDs contains 68 tracks, and the book includes 180 lyrics with guitar chords. Each album has its own authentic story, which, according to Meky's narration, was written by renowned Czech music publicist Václav Hnátek. In Bratislava, Meky presented a 3CD and a Songbook at an autograph session on September 18, 2020, in Panta Rhei, together with Kamil Peteraj, who celebrated his 75th birthday on this very day. Together with our partners and guests, we also enjoyed these parts of the huge Czech-Slovak tour.

The christening of the CD and a Songbook in the media >>>

...3CD MEKY for friends and partners of Jenewein Group
While we have planned for the 30th anniversary of Jenewein Group, as the general partner of successful music documentary MEKY, we remain in touch with Miroslav Žbirka even during the individual parts of his big Czech-Slovak tour. Together with our partners and guests, we attended its private pre-premiere, Czech and Slovak premiere, Cinema Acoustic Tour 2020 concerts, and, as well, the 3CD The Best of Miro Žbirka and the book Songbook's christening. And since we celebrate all year round as much as possible, exclusive CDs signed by Meky himself are already prepared...

...A film MEKY with bonuses included on the DVD as the Christmas present
We can undoubtedly describe Miroslav Žbirka as a legend in the Czech-Slovak art world. And in 2020, the year of Jenewein Group's 30th anniversary, we are pleased that an excellent documentary is going on DVD, even with special bonuses. As you can see in the movie, with his typical ease, Meky proves that he is just an ordinary boy who fulfills his dreams. We are a proud general partner of this great film!