• Since our foundation in 1990, we have been providing complex strategic one-stop shop services.

  • We rely on partners and a senior team as well as personal involvement of our founders with their own successful experience.

  • As part of our individual approach, we implement customized and often exceptional solutions.

  • Thanks to the global reach, our presence goes beyond the Czech and Slovak borders.


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We are a premier Czech-Slovak consulting group with strong ties to Austria. Over the past 30 years, we have become one of the best-known and most frequently recommended one-stop-shop Central European boutique consultancies with global reach delivering complex Strategic Leadership, Management and Public Policy services.

Through our consulting teams active within global partnerships and networks we manage to keep a finger on the pulse of latest developments and thus offer proven experience combined with innovative expertise in and beyond the central European region.

We have many clients including international companies, Czech and Slovak companies, investors, private holdings, family businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sector. Our consulting teams are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and building long-term relationships.


Articles & Studies

The Case for Contingent Governance


To cure weak corporate governance, new regulations and codes of best practices might be necessary, but they won't be sufficient. What is also required is the acknowledgment that governance has to continually adapt to changing conditions because a company, its management and business environment are forever evolving. As a result, corporate boards must adopt the right roles to reflect and shape those governance conditions.

Slovak Republic 2004


One of the most significant roles of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic is to develop activities that contribute to supporting the influx of foreign investment to Slovakia. Many business people that look for a convenient nation in which to invest often do not have or cannot find appropriate information about Slovakia that would assist them in their selection process.

Largest Search Firms in the World


At one time it was easy to categorize Executive Search firms as either an integrated firm or network. Then to of the integrated firms, Korn/Ferry and Heidrick & Sruggles, became public companies and commenced acquiring smaller private firms. TMP-also a public company-appeared, made substantial acquisitions, and then disappeared. Although much attention has been focused on this, the final chapter is yet to be written.

AESC Member/Client Survey: What is important to clients of executive search?


In our latest Member/Client survey, we asked clients to consider 17 different services or attributes of a retained executive search partner and rate their importance. We then asked AESC members to place themselves in their clients' shoes and rate the importance of the same items.

AESC Quarterly State of the Industry Statistics


This is the first in a new series of quarterly reports issued by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) on statistics and trends in the global retained executive search industry. Data for this report is collected from a consistent sample of AESC member search fi rms and represents the activity of over 1,200 executive search consultants around the world.

Family Owned Business: The Magic Kingdom


Family owned businesses (FOBs) are a major driving force in today's marketplace, accounting for virtually 80% of all businesses worldwide. In fact, approximately 35% of the Fortune 500 are composed of family enterprises. FOBs account for 75% of US and European businesses, 80% of Latin American companies and more than 80% of Asian firms. A FOB is obviously a firm in which a family has a significant percentage of personal equity/estate invested in a business. These companies tend to prioritize family values in the management style and there is usually an extremely fine line between management and family.

2003 Annual Revenue


Last year has proven again that our consultancy company AJG-Amrop Jenewein Group has been successfully accomplishing its mission, represented by an ambition to maintain the position of market leader in providing consultancy solutions which at the same time bring benefits and stimulus for long-term growth to our clients. Our success was created by five specialized consulting companies working in the area of human capital and EU affairs, which are personally and financially interconnected.