• Since our foundation in 1990, we have been providing complex strategic one-stop shop services.

  • We rely on partners and a senior team as well as personal involvement of our founders with their own successful experience.

  • As part of our individual approach, we implement customized and often exceptional solutions.

  • Thanks to the global reach, our presence goes beyond the Czech and Slovak borders.


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We are a premier Czech-Slovak consulting group with strong ties to Austria. Over the past 30 years, we have become one of the best-known and most frequently recommended one-stop-shop Central European boutique consultancies with global reach delivering complex Strategic Leadership, Management and Public Policy services.

Through our consulting teams active within global partnerships and networks we manage to keep a finger on the pulse of latest developments and thus offer proven experience combined with innovative expertise in and beyond the central European region.

We have many clients including international companies, Czech and Slovak companies, investors, private holdings, family businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sector. Our consulting teams are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and building long-term relationships.


Articles & Studies

Omni-channel: In Search of the New Champions


When competing in the omni-channel race, even the most proficient leaders face a host of challenges. In this article Amrop sets the scene, report from the talent management frontline and presents the ideal profile for that most elusive of candidates-the omni-channel champion.

State Capitalism/A Transformational Tale From the Heart of Europe


Nestling at the intersection of seven European countries, Poland made its transition to post-communism in 1989. It is the only European economy to have posted consistent growth throughout Europe´s recent recessional drought. This is not just a local tale from the heart of Europe. For in the Polish story lie vital clues to a global story-one which find its most powerful expression in today´s big emerging markets. It concerns the transformation of a group of state-owned behemoths in the hands of a generation of superlative leaders-people motivated not by money, but by the chance to make deepp change.

Leadership and the Brain/A User´s Guide to Empathy


In this article, Amrop Guest writer Dr. Tara Swart takes a look at the neuroscience of business. How can its insights explain our interactions with stakeholders and help us optimize these?

If you want to be a part of the game and you don´t want to be sitting on a bench, you have to fight for it

Mario Fondati, Partner, Amrop Slovakia

Here you can read an interesting Context Matters/Amrop Interview with Mr Peter Strýček, General Manager Eastern Europe of Cofely named If you want to be a part of the game and you don´t want to be sitting on a bench, you have to fight for it. With the aim to present a view on trends and visions of Energy & Facility Management industry as well as his own views and experience, was conducted by Mario Fondati, Partner of consulting company Amrop.

Watching Me, Watching You/The Hidden Stakes of Leadership Assessment Post-M&A


In this article, Amrop highlights a core finding of recent mergers and acquisitions research and presents a set of leadership keys post M&A. Next, it demonstrates the importance of the human dimension in leadership assessment: firstly, to safeguard the retention of leadership talent and secondly, in yieldieng unexpected and critical benefits for M&A follow-through. Amrop presents the findings of two recent case studies and conslude with a shortlist of Management Messages.

Regaining Lost Ground/Why Tomorrow´s Leaders Are Needed Today


Federico Schwalb, Partner with Amrop Peru and seasoned mining professional, reflects upon a thirty-year revolution in Peruvian mining, finds the roots of the current talent crisis in one of Latin America´s prime mining countries and proposes that the provision of its future leaders can no longer be left to chance.

The Quest for Talent: Shifts, stakes and strategies


In this article, Amrop´s Global Mining, Energy and Infrastructure Practice identifies the trend having the greatest impact on talent management in the mining industry. Fosusing on the well-established mining countries of South Africa, Russia and Australia, with an eye on dynamic South America and fast-moving Canada and China, it identifies talent management strategies to equip the sector for the future.

The 3 Roles of the New CHRO: Balancing, Designing, Leading


Complex and fast-paced changes have fundamentally altered the face of business during the past decade. Simultaneous shifts in the environmental, regulatory, sustainability, social and geopolitical dimensions have transformed management and places exceptional demands on leaders. If, as a consequence, human and leadership capital are an unprecedented source of competitive advantage for organizations, what could be the implications for the CHRO?

Make or Break?/Why Transition Coaching is Critical for Incoming Executives


Whether you are a senior executive facing your first months in a critical role, or a key internal stakeholder in an incoming leader's transition process, Amrop invites you to explore the emotional landscape facing every new entrant, and discover some keys to its successful navigation.

Board Evaluation/A Shareholder Guide


Supervisory and Executive Boards must act in the interests of their shareholders. Not exclusively, but sustainably. How can the owners of a company go about evaluating their highest representatives and their achievements? On what criteria should Boards expect to be evaluated, and self-evaluate? Financial results aside, in this article Amrop focusses on the evaluation criteria we can find within two dimensions-material and human.