• Since our foundation in 1990, we have been providing complex strategic one-stop shop services.

  • We rely on partners and a senior team as well as personal involvement of our founders with their own successful experience.

  • As part of our individual approach, we implement customized and often exceptional solutions.

  • Thanks to the global reach, our presence goes beyond the Czech and Slovak borders.


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We are a premier Czech-Slovak consulting group with strong ties to Austria. Over the past 30 years, we have become one of the best-known and most frequently recommended one-stop-shop Central European boutique consultancies with global reach delivering complex Strategic Leadership, Management and Public Policy services.

Through our consulting teams active within global partnerships and networks we manage to keep a finger on the pulse of latest developments and thus offer proven experience combined with innovative expertise in and beyond the central European region.

We have many clients including international companies, Czech and Slovak companies, investors, private holdings, family businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sector. Our consulting teams are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and building long-term relationships.


Articles & Studies

New Leadership: The Perfect Candidate, Please


What leadership qualities are now being sought by organizations in transition? How can good ‘search governance’ ensure that the very best are identified and attracted, beyond the most obvious profiles? When it comes to upcoming young leaders, what are their observations and recommendations? What effect will digitization will have on executive hiring? In this interview conducted by Peter Smink, CEO and CFO of energy company Nuon, for Management Scope Magazine, Eelco van Eijck and Nicolette Zandbergen, Partners of Amrop in the Netherlands discuss how executive search is evolving to meet the changing needs of hiring organizations.

BLOG: Value Trusted Advisor

Mario Fondati, Partner, Amrop Slovakia

The actual title of the blog is a little bit complicated but the article is neither about nuclear physics nor user manual for a household appliances. It's just English expression which is often used to name some simple fact. Can we apply it also in personnel consultancy? Read more in the article of Mario Fondati, Partner of Amrop.

Talent Advisor: Job Descriptions will Disappear


Günther Tengel, Managing Partner of Amrop Jenewein in Austria, discusses traditional job descriptions and the question of whether the system of the working world is toppling, or evolving in a relatively painless way. More can you read in an interview in daily Der Standard.

The Great Executive Rebrand: How top executives are rediscovery their core


CEO turnover has risen steadily in recent years and more executives than ever are taking the opportunity to ‘rebrand’ themselves. In the past, that meant a visit to a stylist and a new mantra to practice in front of the mirror. But now, instead of offering a simple makeover, a new breed of executive coaches are seeking out the real you, warts and all, to make that the centrepiece of your next career move. They refrain from extravagant claims, but they help to redefine your career and make you feel more fulfilled than ever before.

3D Printing: Is Germany in Need of a Re-boot?


Despite Germany’s pioneering role in developing 3D additive production techniques, and their adoption by the country’s larger players, top management in many of the companies who supply those organizations is still concerned about the risks associated with these new technologies. They are potentially losing sight of major opportunities to earn money and secure competitiveness for the future. In this article, Ulrich Beckendorff, Managing Partner in Amrop’s Düsseldorf office and member of Amrop’s Global Industrial Practice takes a look at the opportunities of 3D additive production, and makes the case for re-booting Germany’s leadership in the domain.

BLOG: Size doesn't matter

Michal Lukáč, Manager, Amrop Slovakia

Years of market activity and the size of the database are in the world of personnel consultancy attributes that may constitute some warranty, but it might not always be so. Read more in the blog of Michal Lukáč, Manager of Amrop.

BLOG: Each person is unique

Lucie Országhová, Researcher, Amrop Slovakia

HR, Human Resources, Personnel Management… these are several terms that mark the work and everyday communication with people, their management, consulting – an independent consultant’s guidance or assistance in filling a position for the organizations, especially searching the right person for the right position and streamlining and improving the functioning and running of the organization. When working with people, it is necessary to bear in mind that each person is different. Each of us is unique, whether with our looks, expressions, characteristics or capabilities… Read more in the blog published by Lucie Országhová, researcher at Amrop Slovakia.

Case Study: Independent Directors in Chile


All over the world, the role of independent directors is gaining ground: in terms of not only the letter but the spirit of regulation. Under Chilean corporate governance law, directorships of listed companies must be renewed or replaced every three years. The country’s six Pension Funds companies, grouped into the Asociación AFP Chile, are no exception.

Consumer & Retail: Ireland – Planting Seeds That Could Feed the World


The grass is greener than ever in Europe’s ‘emerald isle’. The end of quotas on dairy output could unleash economic growth potential worth €1.3 bn and create 15,000 new jobs in the coming years. Furthermore, from the U.S. to China, demand for ‘green and sustainable’ Irish agri-products is rising. In response, Irish farmers and agri-processing companies are busy investing and innovating. High consumer confidence, Ireland’s 2013 exit from its bailout program, falling oil prices, a strengthening labor market and falling inflation are all powering a month-on-month growth in Ireland’s retail sector. Combined with pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, these factors are driving Ireland’s global and cross-sector quest for senior talent: from general managers and supply chain directors with insider knowledge of global markets, to specialist knowledge in nutritionals, pre- and post- food production and related industries. Meanwhile, Irish FMCG companies, in the quest for cost-efficiency and a peerless customer experience, are seeking digitally-literate supply chain managers and commercially astute executives.

BLOG: Finding innovators

Marek Hradílek, Manager, Amrop Slovakia

One of the most important topic of the future management is innovation. As the main obstacle can be considered the fact that too many organizations concentrate on establishing the most modern tools and processes and they forget the most important: the human being. Read more in the blog of Marek Hradílek, Manager at Amrop.