• Since our foundation in 1990, we have been providing complex strategic one-stop shop services.

  • We rely on partners and a senior team as well as personal involvement of our founders with their own successful experience.

  • As part of our individual approach, we implement customized and often exceptional solutions.

  • Thanks to the global reach, our presence goes beyond the Czech and Slovak borders.


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We are a premier Czech-Slovak consulting group with strong ties to Austria. Over the past 30 years, we have become one of the best-known and most frequently recommended one-stop-shop Central European boutique consultancies with global reach delivering complex Strategic Leadership, Management and Public Policy services.

Through our consulting teams active within global partnerships and networks we manage to keep a finger on the pulse of latest developments and thus offer proven experience combined with innovative expertise in and beyond the central European region.

We have many clients including international companies, Czech and Slovak companies, investors, private holdings, family businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sector. Our consulting teams are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and building long-term relationships.


Articles & Studies

Acceptable switchovers on your career path

Patrícia Lofajová, Junior Research Consultant, Amrop Jenewein

What does the term "successful career" mean? The conditions in which we live direct us to some patterns, according to which, ideally, everything flows in the same order. Firstly, the successful study, then the choice of dream job giving us enough quality experience to achieve the best possible results or top positions. In recent years, however, our priorities have changed dramatically. And so, this path may not be as simple as it may initially seem. Read more in the article written for InStore by Patrícia Lofajová, Amrop Jenewein Junior Research Consultant.

We found out who is the largest in the Slovak business


More than five hundred addressed companies and institutions filled out questionnaires for the Largest in Business 2020 yearbook. In the SME daily, you can also read about which largest shopping center in Slovakia has an area of more than 15 football fields or how Lidl catches up with Tesco. Interviews with experts also show how much do headhunters cost of finding a new boss. The article publishes all top-placed companies, including Amrop Jenewein, which ranked first in the Executive Search sector. The entire Jenewein Group reached shared 8th and 9th place in the Business Consulting sector.

Largest in Business rankings bring unexpected findings about firms in Slovakia


More than 500 companies filled out the questionnaire for the Largest in Business yearbook. This article, as well as the yearbook, provides detailed information about which shopping mall’s area exceeds the area of 15 soccer fields, which of the large hotels in Bratislava is not planning on opening its gates anymore, and how Lidl is catching up to Tesco. During interviews with specialists, the editorial found out how much money headhunters ask for on average for finding a new CEO. We are both proud and thankful! Based on our achievements, we have been placed greatly in the Largest in Business 2020 analytical rankings. Read more in an article written specifically for The Slovak Spectator.

Leadership: Inside the Wise Leader’s Brain


Amrop series: ‘Inside the Wise Leader’s Brain’ has taken a journey into the neuroscience of leadership, drawing on some of the latest findings. What makes us tick, what we have in common with AI machines, and what makes us different. How wise leaders use their brains differently, concluding with some practical ways to ‘wise up our brains.’ Here we present the full article.

Business success is hard work, but there is an option to help it


In Slovakia, there are quite a lot of successful business stories over the past thirty years. Their common feature is the integration of vision, confidence in the offered product or service, and perseverance. Even though we cannot talk about a general valid success recipe, the experts from The Partners of Family-Owned Companies association (PRF) are talking about the principles of business success in an interview for Trend magazine. An interview with the association experts Erika Matwij (Human Inside), Michal Kukula (nebotra consulting), and Rastislav Mackaniè (Amrop Jenewein) was published as part of the Family Business series, whose professional partner is Amrop Jenewein too.

Well-managed onboarding can increase performance by up to 70%

Michal Lukáè, Client Partner, Amrop Jenewein

Onboarding or how to fluently and effectively acquire new talents and successful managers onto the company board? What should do to achieve full performance in the shortest possible time? What are the individual stages of this process? And how does it relate to the increasingly discussed Employee Experience in the current fight for talent? And in general – how has the era of home-office, accelerated digitization, and of pandemic measures changing almost everything, impacted a successful boarding? You can find the answers to these or other questions in the article written for InStore by Michal Lukáè, Partner at Amrop in Slovakia.

How I coped with corona...

Ladislava Molnárová, Talent Acquisition Partner, Amrop Jenewein

Working in the human resources field means caring about people, caring for people, and meeting people. That's how Ladislava Molnárová, Talent Acquisition Partner at Amrop Jenewein, wrote it in an article for the autumn publication of Woman magazine. She has been in the HR industry since 2002, and she sees the situation of COVID-19 pandemic expansion as exceptional, with the opportunity for crucial changes in the way of working, not only for HR professionals.

How to lead something that leads itself autonomously?

Matej Taliga, Client Partner & COO, Amrop Jenewein

The concept of a Self-Managed Team is not new. Recently, however, it has resonated on the market again in connection with the current pandemic. Managements analyze their operational managing models and try to find the most effective way of leading their people. Since the company as a whole consists of departments and, at the same time, individual departments form individual teams, it's necessary to look at how these teams and their people work in them. One of the models of such functioning is the building of self-managed teams. For many, this is tempting at first sight, but while achieving ultimate success, several key factors need to be taken into account. Find more about them in an article for InStore by Matej Taliga, Amrop Jenewein Client Partner & Chief Operating Officer.

BLOG: The corona crisis and HR or when BIG projects suddenly are not BIG at all

Ladislava Molnárová, Talent Acquisition Partner, Amrop Jenewein

The pandemic has interfered with our roles in work, personal, and social life. No one could plan the arrival of the black swan influencing our lives, families, offices, relationships, education, business, or economic-political issues. It has set the chessmen again. Since the beginning of March, we have more or less often found ourselves in situations that none of us have solved yet. What about all this in the world of HR? Read the blog from Ladislava Molnárová, Talent Acquisition Partner at Amrop Jenewein.

Corporates for children. THANK YOU! – this year, the Children‘s Safety Line can only be supported remotely


In the last ten (!) years, we have spent the second of September Sunday on the run 21 km for children – We run to help children to support the charity event of the Children‘s Safety Line through the Corporates for children. THANK YOU! initiative. We were approaching our partners, clients, and the public to inspire and unite them for a good thing. Besides having our running team and corporate team competition support, we volunteered to participate in preparing and organizing of the event, which had a sporting, social and family, but especially charitable dimension. All money obtained from the entry fee or donations was used each year directly for the work of Children‘s Safety Line. Like many others this year, this activity has a different form too. The joint run will not happen, but we can help remotely even during the corona. Therefore, our focus is shifting to remotely running. There has been an option of geographically expanding of the run from Partizánska lúka in Bratislava – runners could join us anywhere in Slovakia or elsewhere in the world. And due to the pandemic, this is the only form of this year run 21km for Children. Run your kilometers and contribute with an arbitrary sum to the work of the Children‘s Safety Line. It has noted the increase of calling children by more than 80% after the outbreak of the pandemic!

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