• Since our foundation in 1990, we have been providing complex strategic one-stop shop services.

  • We rely on partners and a senior team as well as personal involvement of our founders with their own successful experience.

  • As part of our individual approach, we implement customized and often exceptional solutions.

  • Thanks to the global reach, our presence goes beyond the Czech and Slovak borders.


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We are a premier Czech-Slovak consulting group with strong ties to Austria. Over the past 30 years, we have become one of the best-known and most frequently recommended one-stop-shop Central European boutique consultancies with global reach delivering complex Strategic Leadership, Management and Public Policy services.

Through our consulting teams active within global partnerships and networks we manage to keep a finger on the pulse of latest developments and thus offer proven experience combined with innovative expertise in and beyond the central European region.

We have many clients including international companies, Czech and Slovak companies, investors, private holdings, family businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sector. Our consulting teams are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and building long-term relationships.


Articles & Studies

BLOG: Friendly working relationships do not necessarily mean friendships

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

In a new blog, Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of Jenewein Group, deals with issues related to relationships at work. He has got no doubts about their importance but he looks at friendship between colleagues from both sides. It certainly brings a lot of positives but it can also complicate working life. In addition, it is very fragile, for example, when the power dynamics change. The conclusion is more than clear – friendship does not have to be at all a precondition for healthy and high-quality relationships at the workplace. Read more in the Jenewein Group blog.

NATO and a 360 approach to Cyber security


In a world more interconnected and technology-dependent than ever before, cyber security has become integral. Cyber security is critical in ensuring seamless and secure communications whilst cyber attacks have become a tool of warfare, used to disrupt networks and breach security. As a result, cyber security is a key priority for countries and organisations to ensure deterrence, defence, and security. Read more in the analysis written by FIPRA’s Digital & Tech Practice which has expertise in all relevant aspects, including data policy, cybersecurity, data privacy, platform regulations, trade, and intellectual property.

BLOG: Incompetence or untrustworthiness – what is more?

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

In a new blog, Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of Jenewein Group, asks readers to consider which characteristic is a bigger problem when hiring new people for key management positions – untrustworthiness or incompetence? In both cases, these are undesirable characteristics but they can be detected thanks to professional screening methods. Statistics also confirm the validity of their use: about 21% of applicants exaggerate their experience and 12% lie about their education. And what's worst, up to 43% of companies did not perform any Background Check during hiring!

European Commission’s Initiative on Web 4.0 and Virtual Worlds: a head start in the next technological transition


In its recent Communication on the long-term competitiveness of the EU, the European Commission has recognised Web 4.0 as a crucial technology for achieving a future where seamless integration is widespread. The overarching objective is for the EU to assume a prominent position in the emerging Web 4.0 markets. The current global market for virtual worlds is valued at €27 billion, and it is projected to reach €800 billion by 2030. As a result, the extended reality sector in Europe is expected to generate approximately 860,000 new jobs by 2025. Read more in the analysis written by FIPRA.

From Code to Conservation: Promoting Sustainable Software for a Greener Digital Future


In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, software plays a vital role in boosting efficiency, connectivity, and sparking innovation. Our growing reliance on ICT does, however, raise an important policy concern due to the surging energy consumption that comes with using digital technologies and software. If you are interested in knowing more about engaging with EU policymakers on software eco-design read the analysis written by FIPRA to understand more about this important issue.

BLOG: How to stay on the path to the lasting success in business

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

This time, Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of Jenewein Group, reflects on what is behind stable growth and long-term successful business. As he writes, becoming a successful entrepreneur is difficult, but maintaining long-term success is even more difficult. Nicholas Leighton, author, speaker and coach, described four essential points important on the road to lasting success for Entrepreneur.com. In the blog, we combined some of his ideas with our more than 33 years of experience in the field of management consulting and with our own successful business.

Regulating textile and food waste: Opportunities for innovative technologies


The European Commission published updated rules for Europe to cope with waste. What might have originally been planned as a complete revamp of a rather dated Directive, turned out to what the Commission called a targeted amendment of the existing rules. While this Commission’s term is coming to an end in 2024, this latest legislative initiative is another proof of strengthening the European Green Deal agenda. Read more in the analysis written by FIPRA.

BLOG: Entrepreneurial success does not need a secret family recipe

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of the Jenewein Group, was inspired to write a new blog by the current rankings of the largest family businesses in Slovakia, combined with a survey mapping the attitude of business families on the topic of succession. As he writes, from our point of view it is important that out of the 73% of family businesses that have (or are planning to create) a structured succession plan, there's a 50/50 split between those seeking outside support and those keeping the process internal.

BLOG: Leaders for the times that are yet to come

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of the Jenewein Group, also writes in his blog about the search for balance at a time when the surrounding environment is as turbulent as the ocean. Finding some kind of stability is not easy because the safety measures preventing the decline must be combined with new challenges. Read how important it is to seize the opportunity that every crisis brings and what influences the fact that some organizations thrive even in the bad times and others flounder.

BLOG: Is quiet hiring a fashionable topic?

Martin Krekáč, Chairman & Founding Partner, Jenewein Group

In a blog inspired by the quiet hiring phenomenon, Martin Krekáč, chairman and founding partner of the Jenewein Group, also addresses the search for a balance between the development of employees' skills and their protection and satisfaction. Leaders who can do this will give their organizations a distinct competitive advantage. As it is known, quiet hiring allows organizations to maintain a stable number of employees by focusing on nurturing and supporting internal talent through improvement and experimentation with new roles and challenges instead of hiring new people.